From STRANGERS to soulmates, best friends, business partners and roomies. 
Yes, STRANGERS is based on a real story. What has only been 1,5 years of friendship actually feels like a lifetime. 
From the moment we met, we just clicked. We realised that we share our values, passions and the same vision: creating something bigger- something different. We wanted to turn STRANGERS into friends, create a space for people to come together, become friends or even fall in love?!
We knew we wanted to spread and share a vibe: a feeling of homey comfort, of not really being strangers- a feeling of being connected at heart, no matter how long you’ve known each other or where you came from. 
We can’t tell you how exiting this journey has been so far but neither can we express how much of an emotional rollercoaster it has been as well.
If you ever consider starting your own business, find a partner who supports and complements you with the same values and vision. That’s half the victory!
Looking back on our story, we can proudly say: We wouldn’t change a single thing. 
We promise: there are so many STRANGERS projects coming... we can’t wait to share more about them soon. 
Here’s to taking chances! No regrets!